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June 3 – The Peoples Fair, Downtown Denver
June 20-24 – The Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti, UT
June 25 – Bill will preach at Green River Bible Church in Green River, UT
June 30  – July 31 – The Honsbergers will be serving in the Philippines. I will be teaching at several churches and at Calvary Chapel
Bible College. Bill has been asked to speak/give the Gospel!!! to some of the philosophy classes at Silliman University. There are
other opportunities to speak at some different college ministries as well. We will also be working with some of the young people
from the orphanages and some alumni from the college.
Aug 10-13 – Denver Yoga Fest
Aug 27 – Bill preaches at Foothills Fellowship Baptist Church in Littleton, CO.
The Parliament of World Religions has been scheduled for Nov 1-7, 2018 in Toronto. A huge event for us as always. Please be in
prayer for this!
There will be a lot more events over time so check out the website for further activity

Love at the end of the rainbow