Links to Suggested Websites…

Watchman Fellowship – Watchman Fellowship is an independent Christian research and apologetics ministry focusing on new religious movements, cults, the occult and the New Age.

Cult Information & Awareness– This page is maintained by Mark Roggeman a missionary with Haven Ministries to provide information on cult groups & frauds. There are many resources listed on this page for additional information on various groups. Christian Apologetic and Research Ministry- an excellent website by Founder Matt Slick, provides a large amount of information on various resources. A must see.

Reasonable Faith– The organization for Dr. William Lane Craig, a superpower of sorts with respects to philosophy and apologetics. Centered mostly around the age old question of is there a god.

4witness- A ministry designed to help those caught up in Jehovah’s Witnesses and their theology.

4 mormon- A Ministry designed to help those caught up in the Mormon or Latter Day Saint’s theology.

Mormon Research Ministry– Website for Mormon Research Ministry, created by Bill McKeever very well done.– Got questions… they got answers. 

Midwest Christian Outreach– A Christian counter cult and apologetics ministry based in the midwest. 

Examining the World Mission Society Church of God– A website dedicated to questioning the truth claims of the World Mission Society Church of God, a very active group based out of Korea. 

Apologetics Index- Pretty much anything and everything related to Christian Apologetics and Cult Information. Great information, a little difficult to navigate but well worth the information.  

Institute of Biblical Defense- An apologetics ministry initially started by Dr Phil Fernandes based out of the west coast. 

Discernment Ministries International- Founded by Rev. Robert Liichow, tends to specialize in Word-Faith, New Apostolic, contemplative prayer related heresies. 

From the Lighthouse- A ministry dedicated to eastern mysticism that has been entering the evangelical church and educating the public in regards to the heresies being conducted. 

Good News for LDS- A video to show your LDS friends.
Tower to Truth Ministries- A Philadelphia based ministry that addresses mostly Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormonism doctrine.

Becoming Free- A ministry started by Pat Knapp for those who have left or are wanting to leave an abusive religion. Support groups are designed for ex-members of harmful groups and is provided by ex-members.