Jim and Barbara Choury are Colorado natives and both graduated from Denver Seminary. They served with WorldVenture for 28 years working in the areas of evangelism, church planting and leadership training in Argentina and North Brazil. Jim taught apologetics during nine years in Brazil and did numerous workshops on evangelism from a sower’s perspective among the churches there. Jim’s passion is engaging people on a worldview level, discovering their beliefs and then gently guiding them to a fuller understanding of the truth so that they may come to Christ through repentance and faith. Jim believes that Christianity is intellectually defensible and that people encouraged and equipped to think will be better able to understand and accept the Gospel. Jim encourages Christians to know and live Christian doctrine and to use areas like philosophy, science, history, law, logic and literature in order to find a beginning point for guiding the unbeliever to a fuller understanding of truth in order to eventually win them to Christ.