The Dangers of Contextualization

by Stephanie Potts

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Short Quote:

” In recent years, the idea that monotheism is found in all nations has  gained significant popularity. Many progressive church leaders claim that evangelical missionaries have done a disservice to indigenous
communities by not contextualizing the Bible to help explain Christianity in terms that Native Americans can better understand.

Is it possible that God revealed Himself to the nations outside the Jewish culture? Why are the Jews so special? Why can’t we use the names of indigenous supreme beings to represent the God of the Bible?

The purpose of this paper is to respond to these false ideas by examining the Scriptures and to demonstrate why it is vital to our salvation (Acts 4: 12) that we … walk in the name of the LORD of the Bible only (Micah 4:5). We will also be examining why this subject is particularly important in today’s postmodern environment and what
these ideas may lead to in the future.”