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The Mankind Project/Marked Men for Christ

The Mankind Project Aside from the obvious physical differences there is a marked contrast in how men and women relate to their friends. For example, if Laura, Suzanne, Debra and Rose go out for lunch, they will call each other Laura, Suzanne, Debra and Rose. But if Mike, Charlie, Bob and John go out to […]


11-19-01 Bill Honsberger Wittgenstein A) Given our assigned readings concerning Wittgenstein’s “views” of philosophy, language and the mind, how would you relate these to Malcolm’s answer to the question he himself poses, viz. “Does Wittgenstein have a religious point of view in his approach to philosophy? I wish I had known about Wittgenstein’s religious point […]

Theology Comprehensive

Theology Comprehensive 10-10-03 Bill Honsberger Question #1 – The 19th century has been called the “heyday” of liberal Christian theology, particularly as it developed within the German academic tradition. Trace at least three of the major trajectories and themes of liberal theology during this century with focus on Schleirmacher, Ritschl, and Troeltsch. What are the […]

Some Questions Within the Framework of German Idealism

Some questions within the framework of German Idealism; Or how I learned to quit worrying and love global warming! It almost goes without saying that Immanuel Kant is considered one of the great thinkers of Western Culture. His primary works, the three Critiques, have engendered thousands of volumes of books and papers and baffled graduate […]

A Theory on the Relationship Between Science, Religion and Theology

A THEORY ON THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SCIENCE, RELIGION AND THEOLOGY Bill Honsberger This paper will outline how I see the relationship between Theology, Religion and Science. As I see the problem in the many views that we have looked as primarily an epistemological one, I will start there and then proceed to define science. Then […]

Revenge of the "Enlightened"

Revenge of the “Enlightened”: The Exclusive Nature of Religious Pluralism by Bill Honsberger Few things are more volatile than religious issues. There is hardly anything that can inflame people more than the types of questions and answers that surround discussions of faith and ultimate concern. In light of this fact many people in academia and […]

Religious Epistemology

Religious Epistemology and the Kantian Revolution Bill Honsberger This paper will survey the beliefs of several theologians from within the Christian tradition, with a view towards their outlook on religious epistemology. The paper will take special note on how the Kantian revolution, sparked by the views of David Hume, caused a definitive switch in theological […]

Philosophy Comprehensive

Bill Honsberger Philosophy Comprehensive (a) Explain and discuss in what ways Kant’s ethical theory represented a dramatic departure from traditional philosophical thought about ethics? In particular, how did Kant come to reject any form of “consequentialism” (including “happiness” as an end) in ethics and what did he offer in its place? (b) Explain and discuss […]