Haven Ministries exists to glorify the one true God, and to serve Him with heart, soul, strength and mind. The specific intention and direction of the ministry are expressed in three ways;

1. Haven Ministries seeks to directly evangelize and disciple the lost, particularly those trapped and deceived in non-Christian religions, the New Age Movement, cults and the occult. We seek out the lost, going to their events, bookstores and seminars, sharing the Gospel and challenging the errors of the evil one.

2. Haven Ministries is committed to helping other Christians reach out to their loved ones, neighbors, co-workers and cultists who come to their door. We recognize that the Gospel is received more often when shared by a friend or loved one and so seek to teach Christians how they can respond to the arguments and question offered by non-believers. We send literature and offer personal counsel to anyone who asks, all without any fee.

3. Haven Ministries is also committed to educating the Church at large on these types of issues as well as other Biblical and apologetic concerns. We offer seminars at numerous churches, schools and other public forums.