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The Lotus, The Cross and Spiritual Confusion: Are Jesus and Buddha Twin Sons of Different Mothers?

It is a popular myth in America that Jesus and Buddha taught the same ideas about spiritual liberation and suffering. Teachers like Thich Nan Hanh and others have ingratiated themselves into the Media and even the Church with this idea. This seminar will offer An Examination of “Real” Buddhism, which not only destroys the pervasive myth of Buddha/Jesus connections, but points the way to authentic witness (not just dialogue).

The Da Vinci Code, Gnosticism and the Real Jesus

The Apostle Paul addressed the claims of the gnostics in the book of Colossians. Not content to stay in the past, the gnostic beliefs have resurfaced in the novel “The Da Vinci Code” and other books. In this seminar we examine the claims of the “novel” The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. We will illustrate the incredible number of factual mistakes, misunderstandings and pagan beliefs that dominate the book. Most importantly, we will show how the Apostle continually returns to the Jesus of the Bible as the real solution to the worlds problems, and not the gnostic counterfeiters. We will show how its incredible popularity can be a helpful impetus to serious evangelism.

Syncretism – Historic Bad Marriages and Emerging Recurrences

The mixing and matching of truth with pagan false teachings is a time dishonored tradition within the People of God as seen in both Old and New Testaments. This seminar will look at other “bad marriages” that have plagued the church and how this problem is endemic in the Emerging/Emergent church’s new postmodern paradigm.

Nietzsche, the Death of God, and the Emerging Church Movement:

The Emerging Church has self-consciously tied itself to Postmodernism, claiming that the evangelicals and liberals have been too identified with Modernism. Even if true, is the solution worse than the disease? As the grandfather of Postmodern thought, Nietzsche started the assault on truth and language with the much acclaimed “Death of God”. This presentation will assess the history of the progression (digression) of postmodern thought from Nietzsche through Heidegger to the likes of Derrida, Foucoult, Lyotard and Rorty. The wisdom of Christians aligning themselves with this position will be challenged and a radical alternative will be proposed.

Exploring New Age Spirituality:  

This seminar explains the basic ideas and beliefs of the New Age or New Spirituality; monism, pantheism, reincarnation, karma and moral relativism.  We will discuss psychic experiences, channeling, crystals and other facets of the movement.  A historical perspective and explanation for the profound cultural shift in the United States towards these pagan beliefs will be given.

The Culture of Pagan Spirituality:

This seminar will examine and give examples of the New Age/Pagan Spirituality in several key areas of the culture; education, science, mental health, medicine, entertainment, the environment and the church.  We will also discuss the methodology and motivation for the cultural shift.

Peter and the Wolves: How to be a Discerning Shopper in the Spiritual Marketplace:  

In this seminar we will discuss how Christians can “test” the spiritual waters of the New Age.  We will give several methods of discernment and Biblical and logical tests to help believers determine the difference between truth and error.

Unraveling the New Spirituality:

This seminar will give Biblical and logical answers to the claims of the New Age. Several key ideas will be confronted and solid answers given in response, with a view to effective evangelization.

Why Not Burn Witches?  

The rise of Wicca, the religion of Witchcraft, along with goddess worship and neo-paganism is a widespread cultural phenomenon.  This seminar will discuss the history of the beliefs, their attacks upon Christianity, and how Christians can respond to these arguments, with a view to effectively evangelizing them.

Cult-Proofing your Kids:

From Saturday cartoons to full length Disney movies to classrooms all over the country, 21st Century kids are swamped with Paganism in all its various forms.  This seminar will provide effective tools to prepare children for the onslaught of cultic, New Age, and occultic  beliefs that they will encounter in this world.  Examples of Pagan “evangelism” will be discussed and responded to.

Eros and Ecstasy – The Revival of Paganism:

Gnosticism, Fertility Cults/Mystery Religions, paganism in all its bloom is a thing of the past – right?  This seminar will describe the growth of the ancient religions in their newest incarnations, what definitive trends they are taking, and how Christians can respond in effective ways.

How to Reach a Pagan World:

America is now a pagan culture.  This seminar will examine approaches to reaching pagans that are popular but flawed.  The example of the early church will be studied with a view to learning how to turn a pagan empire upside down, in a way that is principled, Biblical and effective.

 Monte Kim Miller, Madness and the Millennium  – The Concerned Christian Story : 

The “Concerned Christians” story has been publicized all over the world.  This seminar will discuss the devolution of their leader, Kim Miller, from Christian apologist to cult leader.  How personality cults get started and warning signs of apostasy will also be discussed.

Islam – A Christian Perspective:

This seminar will address the history and theology of one of the world’s largest religions.  A special emphasis will be placed on recent events, the misunderstandings about Islam as perpetuated by both the media and Muslim apologists, and the response of Christians to these events and ideas.  All quotes and statements concerning Islam and its founder Mohammed are verified through various Muslim sources.

Advaita Vedanta – The Roots and Fruit of a Movement:

This seminar will look at the origins and development of the particular Hindu school of thought known as Advaita Vedanta.  I will first look at the medieval roots of Vedanta as founded by Sankara and later critiqued by Ramanuja.  I will then show how Vedanta was transformed in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries by interaction with colonial and nationalist ideas and by interaction with the world at large.

How Dare You Say you’re Right?

Nothing is more offensive in a multi-cultural, pluralistic culture than the claim that Christianity is true and all the rest are false.  This seminar will address the claims of pluralism, the question of “tolerance” and offer witnessing tips for reaching out to people in this mindset.

Postmodernism – Having a long spoon while dining with the Devil!

The demands of Postmodernism are incredibly far reaching and affect both what (truth?) and how (epistemology) we know and how we live (ethical behavior).  This seminar will address the ideas and thinkers behind this movement, and how Christians can respond intelligently and lovingly to people who believe that this is the new paradigm for the world.   

Whatever Happened to Hell?

Serious Christian leaders, especially in the “Church Growth” movement, have dropped “Hell” out of their vocabulary.  The newer “Wider” view of God’s mercy and judgment seems much more acceptable to modern and postmodern sensibilities.  This   seminar will discuss the “Problem” of Hell from a Biblical and logical point of view, and also address the pragmatism and tacit universalism that this view entails.

The Most Hated Words in the Bible

We are told that we live in a postmodern, multicultural society.  All religions, philosophies, and “lifestyles” must be tolerated and even affirmed!  It was just a time such as this when Jesus offended his pluralistic world with the claims he made in John 14:6.  This seminar will look at the numerous competitors to the idea that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, with a view to evangelizing the lost.

All that Glitters is Not Gold – Mormonism, Cultural Shifts, and Truth

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has been in the process of trying to change its public image, away from its bizarre roots, into a “Christian” denomination.  This seminar will discuss the origins, theology and current shifts within the Mormon religion.  I will also discuss strategies for reaching out to our Mormon friends, relatives and neighbors.

The Changing World of the Jehovah’s Witnesses

Born out of the end times hysteria gripping 19th century America, the Witnesses have become one of the larger cults in the world.  They print more materials than all other religious organizations combined! This seminar will the discuss the history, theology and many changes that have been made within “God’s Organization”, with a view to reaching out to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The Davinci Code, Gnosticism and the Postmodern Turn

In this seminar we examine the claims of the “novel” The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.  We will illustrate the incredible number of factual mistakes, misunderstandings and pagan beliefs that dominate the book.  We will show how its incredible popularity can be a helpful impetus to serious evangelism.